A great day

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in New Orleans, Relief Work by onsite

Friday June 13th was a great day. We had Stella and her newphew Randall come in from Texas.

We sent the two of them to work with Darren on his parent’s home. A couple Lower 9 volunteers were also there to help out.

Stella mentioned that Randall and Darren had similar personalities so they got along very well.

Getting the framed building ready for a roof.



The team got a lot of work done and were proud of it.

Darren in his old faithful truck.

Darren’s Parents

Showing our volunteers around

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in New Orleans, Outings, Tours and Events by onsite

After the work day is done we make a point of showing our volunteers around the city. This way they can get a better feel of what the people, food and culture is all about.

Here are some photos from the month of May.

Susan and Randi get the real New Orleans tour in the back of Jamie’s truck.

We took an extra long lunch one day and
had a picnic beside the Mississippi River.outlings3.jpg

It’s not a picnic without some spicy crawfish.

We saw this cool vintage VW Bus parked in the French Quarter.
It was covered with beads and other decorative items.

Randi enjoys a beignet (or two) from Cafe Du Monde.

Darren took our volunteers out for lunch at Crabby J’s.p6130107.jpg

A sign that clearly states how most returning residents feel.

Since the storm the saying below has become very common.
It was painted onto one of the levies. It translates to
“New Orleans gave me patience and passion”.

These signs are now being posted on many homes indicating
that the city will be tearing them down shortly.

A wall, a fence and some insulation

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in New Orleans, Relief Work by onsite

The week of May 26th we had a number of volunteers come in to do a variety of work.

Thanks to Sarai, Blair, Crystal, Virginia, Diane, Dee, Susan, Randi, Sai and our project manager Jamie. 

We started off by building ceiling supports to allow us to replace studs
in one wall that was plagued by termite damage at the Onsite house.

Crystal nails a 2×4 into the temporary ceiling support.
While this was happening Diane decided to joke around
and sing “When the walls come tumbling down…”.
The supports worked well, but after they were up we
realized that they blocked the front door from closing.

Here Blair uses a power saw to cut holes for the new electrical outlets.
She did a great job with the help of her friend Sarai.

Another project going on this week involved putting together a fence
at Darren’s Aunt’s home in the lower 9th ward. Darren is a very handy local
that has lived in New Orleans all his life. Many of his family members have
returned home and are counting on him to help them rebuild. He’s so busy that
he rarely has time for himself so we try to send him volunteers whenever possible.





We also worked at another house this week. It was owned by a local
Doctor that was one of the first to return after the storm to run
a needed medical clinic. The Doctor put fixing his own home on hold until
this year in order to help returning residents. He too is living in a FEMA
trailer until his home is fixed. We helped the Doctor by installing insulation
and prepping the home for new floors and walls.






A good week with the boys

Posted on June 16th, 2008 in New Orleans, Relief Work by onsite

We had a good week with 8 volunteers. We had them repair siding and studs at the Oniste house and finish tiling and painting at the Guidry’s home in the lower 9th ward.

Thanks again to Ara, Myk, Krisen, Paul, Ross, Ned, Travis and William.





Thanks T-MOBILE!

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in New Orleans, Relief Work by onsite

We had a group from T-MOBILE help out for a day in May. They cleared out debris and removed overgrown weeds on the side of the Onsite house. Thanks again for all your help!

An old brick sidewalk was uncovered after the weeds were removed.

The group rented a power washer to complete the job.

Ben, our project manager, shows us how to hammer a nail.

The entire group from T-MOBILE

Two warm hearts from Florida

Posted on June 15th, 2008 in New Orleans, Relief Work by onsite

Susan and Larry came from Florida for a week to help Onsite with the rebuilding of its volunteer house.

As the week progressed more termite damage was found in the home adding to long list of things needed to be fixed to have it ready for the month of July.

Susan and Larry helped by taking down water damaged plaster and wallpaper. They also bought items to help Onsite’s project manager, Justin, feel more comfortable as he stayed in the house.

Thanks again for setting up the outdoor shower and supplying the chairs. It really made getting through a difficult first week a whole lot easier.

Here is the first side of the house with all the wallpaper taken down.
Susan & Larry suggested that we keep the walls as is to give the
house a rustic old look. Maybe we’ll leave one room this way.

Susan takes a break to buy some fruit from Mr.Okra’s truck.

Susan & Larry in front of the Onsite house.